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Cerdan designs and manufactures furniture of the highest quality for boardrooms and top level conference and meeting rooms.  We specialise in creating all manner of housings for audio visual equipment and resolving connectivity issues.  Our particular expertise is in solving the technical problems associated with space, movement and physical constraints.

Our company has over 25 years' experience of making individually designed specialist furniture to the highest standards. The quality of our work is reflected by our many satisfied clients, including Microsoft, British Airways, AON Group, The London Business School, BT, BHP Billiton and Exxon.

We have experience in handling large scale installations with tight schedules, but our flexibility and personal approach help us to handle small projects just as well. One individual follows each project through from the first client discussion to efficient installation.

Cerdan's designs endeavour to house technology and to combine elegance with function, in a way that blends with the style of your building or room setting.  This is the heart of our personalised service, which sets us above our competitors.

To help you see what your room could look like, we can generate computer visuals, demonstrating alternative layouts, materials, colour and lighting effects.

Above all, Cerdan excels in appreciating and solving clients' individual problems - whether in terms of space, structures, housing hi-tech equipment, or ergonomics and the working environment.

E-mail us at or phone +44 (0) 1462 742837 and talk to Geoff Godschalk