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About us

Where we've come from........
Cerdan began in the 1980s as a designer craftsman company, operating in a cart shed it had renovated itself, in the picturesque Hertfordshire village of Ashwell.

As a small business, Cerdan was keen to become an integral part of the local community, with its workshop and display area open to the public, demonstrating and educating in both furniture making and weaving.

Furniture designs were modern classics, the guiding principle being the Arts and Crafts adage of fitness for purpose and pleasure in use.  There was an emphasis on using native woods, and conservation was vital - a piece should last as long (or longer) than its tree took to grow.  Cerdan was, and still is, instrumental in tree planting at home and overseas.

The customer base was initially largely domestic, where designer worked closely with client to evolve the best solution for his and her individual needs.  Entry was gained to the corporate world with purpose built reception and boardroom furniture.

Where we are........
In 1989, a series of changes led to the building of a purpose-designed workshop in a former quarry, still within the village.  Building on its previous experience, Cerdan moved into the design and manufacture of furniture of the highest quality for boardrooms and top level conference and meeting rooms.  Since 1989, the single workshop has grown to five, incorporating our own finishing, veneering and assembly areas.  We have invested in the technology to saw and veneer thick veneers up to 3mm and press up to 2.6m sheets.  Our current machinery is modern and very versatile, replacing the somewhat antiquated machines of the first workshop, illustrated.  This investment has enabled us to produce the highest quality and remain competitive with much larger outfits.

The Company has specialised in creating media walls and all manner of housings for audio visual and CCTV equipment, and developed expertise in solving technical problems associated with space, movement and physical constraints.  This has served us well, and gained Cerdan a high reputation with many 'blue chip' companies.

And where we're going......
Now, after 25 years, the wheel turns full circle and, whilst still serving the corporate sector, we are exhibiting once more at "A Celebration of Craftsmanship".  We are opening our superb workshop facilities to a new generation of designer craftsmen, working alongside Geoff Godschalk, himself amongst the top 100 UK designer makers.  This is an exciting prospect, as Cerdan will be able to offer an even wider range of design styles to meet a growing demand for high quality furniture.

Whether you are a private or corporate client, our personalised service and long experience in combining function with elegance, will ensure that we can create that special piece exclusively for you.