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Since 1984, Cerdan has been directly involved with the International Tree Foundation (ITF), helping them to plant many thousands of trees.


When designing and making furniture in solid timber, our concern is always that it should last longer than the original tree took to grow.  We also ensure that all our solid timber comes from sustainably managed forests.  For a lot of our corporate furniture, we find that medium density fibreboard (MDF) lends itself better to the modern business environment with its rapid heat build-up and loss.  We use fine veneers and solid edgings to enhance the decorative effects of our high quality furniture.

MDF is the most efficient board material on the market.  About half of its content is wood residues from sawmills and half comes from forest thinnings which would otherwise be burnt on site.  It makes use of sustainable forestry and is not responsible for the depletion of tree cover, nor in need of imported timber.

Nursery with mulberry seedlings

Sandrakely School

Sandrakely - School for environmental and agricultural education

We have also acted as catalysts and co-ordinators to initiate two projects in Madagascar with the Scottish charity Feedback Madagascar.  The first of these, with ITF, is a central tree nursery to help reafforest and to grow necessary trees for crops and economic regeneration.  The second is to help Feedback establish a Training and Health Centre, to build on work already started with the tree nursery and a silkworm cultivation and silk weaving project.

For several years, we have taken an alternative route to sending Christmas cards.  Rather than post the standard card to thank our clients, we have contributed to national and international conservation projects.  The first and ongoing one was a woodland, as part of the Marston Vale Community Forest.

More recent ones are Beekeeping businesses - hives, tools and training, and orchard trees.  The honey from one hive can pay for a child's education for a year.  The fruit trees transform wasteland in the suburbs of Addis Ababa into a community orchard.  All are tree centred, even the bees, because any orchard needs bees to pollinate the blossoms for full productivity.



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