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Heating Solutions

PlusHeat - the invisible  warm flooring system that's simple to install and easy to live with.

Plus Heat floors provide all over, controllable, radiant heat - an even room temperature and a floor that's friendly to big feet and little hands and knees.  Radiant heat warms you gently without moving the air, so no draughts and less dust, great for asthma or hay fever sufferers.

Plus Heat's insulated and structural floor works equally well over timber joists or concrete, and forms the perfect surface for laying carpets, tiles or wood block finishes.  There are no radiators to take up wall space, no moving parts to wear, no cables to fray and no pipes to leak.  Yet all the individual elements of Plus Heat have been tested over many trouble-free years.

The floor of the future, today

A Plus Heat floor is always designed to order, yet is simple and fast to install.  Our qualified technicians will lay the modular panels, glue the joints, connect the leads and the high quality thermostat, and plug the completed floor into your electrical circuit - usually in less than a day.

You won't feel heat, you'll feel comfortable.

PlanFigure Ltd.
Quick connect heated ceiling tiles

Ideal for both large and small areas, PlanFigure's ceiling tiles are especially useful for new buildings and major refurbishments.  You have a choice of three different textured finishes.

Designed, manufactured, distributed and installed by PlanFigure Ltd
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