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You can't find what you want in the stores or shops.

That's why you're looking at this site.

We hope you like what you find here.

In more than 25 years of designing and making, we have always sought to create simplicity of line.  We never seek to impose our furniture aggressively on an interior.  Within this philosophy there is, however, ample opportunity to explore novel and striking concepts.  These can act as a focal point around which an interior can be modified or created anew. There are three basic approaches:

  • Complementary - to design an individual piece to suit an existing interior
  • Focal - to create a unique focal piece
  • Holistic - to create an entirely new interior

Complementary: we will happily design a piece influenced by a style or period.  So whether from Jacobean to Art Deco, it will owe something to this, but still remain contemporary and original.

Focal: this is a more free flowing expression of the designer craftsman's own style and often serves as a topic of interest and intrigue to client and friends.

Holistic: this is the ultimate commission for a designer craftsman.  It provides the greatest challenge and requires a high level of mutual trust.  His skill and design flair combines with the client's vision to achieve the desired purpose and create the right ambience for each room.

For pictures of some of our past commissions please view our gallery.

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